Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dear Legbreaker, what's the point of arguing with a woman?

Dear Legbreaker,

What's the point of arguing with a woman? I'm pretty strong minded and sometimes stubborn, so I tend to make points in my arguments, etc. If I win the argument, I'm happy for a second...but begging for some poontang pie later is a threat to my manhood(The horniness blinds your manhood). If I lose an argument, she's happy, but I feel like I let my male species down with another chalked loss. ''This is a mmmmmmmmaan world! yeoow ! Hit me!'' It's a lose-lose situation. Question is , how do I make her forgive me (I'm not excluding p***y waif stuff this time).





Its simple, bro. Really simple. Just agree with her. Sounds easy, doesn't it?

The fact is...if you are involved in an argument, you have played some part in creating it. In order to defuse an argument, employ lesson 1 from Argument 101: Agree with your opponent.


Her: You are such an @sshole.

You: You are right, baby...I am an @sshole.

**and this is where you qualify your agreement**

You: And that is exactly what you love about me.

Her: well, uh...

***And this is where you justify your qualification, and issue your rebuttal***

You: If I stopped being an @sshole, you'd get bored, go look for some "bad boy", get your heart trampled, and pick up a "nice guy" on the rebound who will be about as entertaining as the second season of "Charles in Charge".

Her: Well...

You: So, if you think about it, you've got it pretty good right now, don't you?

Her: Well, I...

You: Lets shave your box, then f*ck ourselves to sleep.

Her: Okay.

Argument over. You get l@id, and no one's feelings get hurt. Everybody wins.

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